Master Competitive Programming

Learn fast. Solve faster.

Sometimes, there is a sharp rise in difficulty between two consecutive problems in a contest, which results in a large part of the ranklist being decided on the basis of speed on earlier problems.

CP Drills enables you to improve your speed by providing problems to solve against a stopwatch, and presents to you various analytics on your progress in the form of graphs.

It also contains curated, handpicked problem sets on popular topics such as dynamic programming.

Utkarsh Gupta (demoralizer)
Codeforces Grandmaster, India Rank 1

"CP Drills contains a good collection of handpicked problems with various charts and graphs, which are very beneficial for measuring progress. The UI is lite and pretty. A great app overall!"

Become Faster

Speed drills for all levels.

Monitor Your Progress

Powerful analytics for your skill and speed progress.

Practice Concepts

Curated list of high quality problems.

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